Friday, 26 June 2009

All work, work, work...

Ive been pretty slack on the posting for a while, this is in part due to my somewhat absent mindedness of late and the recent beavering away on a couple of jobs. With those two looking like theyre pretty much wrapped up i can get back to having a look around the old interweb and see what ive been missing out on.

So much awesome work is being generated at the moment, its quite hard to know what to look at first, Nate Frizzell has a couple of new pieces on show (or at least new to me) make sure you stop by his blog and check out what hes been up to.

Tessar Lo has added a few more pieces to his portfolio site, this one seems to be a favorite among quite a few fans but seems like no-one else has mentioned the 'barely there' face in the landscape, im sure its reminiscent of a dream that many have had.

I discovered Kristina Collantes work awhile back and have just seen her site update with these cool Microscopics pieces...

Fecal Face have a good interview and studio visit with sculptor/artist AJ Fosik who currently has a show running at the White Walls Gallery in SF. Check out the interview here.

I could carry on with posting interesting bits and bobs ive found but theres far better places for you to find this sort of stuff so i will leave it there!

With any luck i will be making a process post about the book cover ive just completed for Scholastic, a watery mermaid piece thats come out rather well after a somewhat shaky start. Heres a small preview, im off for some medication to combat a cold i seem to have picked up from my daughter and to start sketching up some characters for a new job.