Monday, 31 October 2011

Falls Grace...

A new piece that will be going to the Scope Miami art show with Corey Helford Gallery at the end of November. 'Fall's Grace' is about 17 x 23" (minus the frame), and (as ever) painted in Painter IX.5, printed on heavy cotton rag, mounted on board, varnished and framed. Please contact the gallery for pricing.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Best Small Shops...

Another illustration for the Daily Telegraph Magazine, this time a feature about the best small shops in Britain of 2011. The feature was not only about fashion but also categories such as best shop for wine, mens fashion, bookshop, interiors etc.. the brief was pretty open but the general idea was to have a sexy fashionista and incorporate the categories in there as well.

The idea to have her carry bags and have the categories on there seemed like a good one so i quickly sketched it up for approval. Even though her head is really the only part thats fully painted and its actually pretty small- it gave me a complete nightmare and took a couple of days to get 'right' (right to me that is) but everything else went pretty smoothly.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Popshot magazine...

Awhile ago i was asked by the nice guys at Popshot Magazine to do an accompanying illustration for a poem in their Love Issue. Black Oil imagines love as a physical thing that percolates through the body. They very nicely sent a copy through for me, so heres a couple of quick Instagram shots of the cover and my page. I will add the original image onto my portfolio site soon if you want to see it without the filter.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Inspiration blogging...

A while ago i created a blooger called Carbon Cradle which i wanted to use as a place where i could share images that i found to be interesting, inspirational etc and i was able to keep it going for a reasonable time. Unfortunately as many will know, blogger probably isnt the best platform to share images like this, uploading, tagging, linking each picture can be a little tedious, especially when my custom css blogger template never seemed to want to conform to the right size- so every image needed alterations to the html so it would display properly!

So i have been looking to move this stuff over to Tumblr which is pretty much built with this type of blogging in mind. The problem i had was that Tumblrs coding was completely new to me and trying to find a custom theme i liked was a bit tricky. Ive found one which is ok- for now, its a bit buggy on the infinite scroll so im likely to change it when i find something that works a little better. (if you know of any themes that may suit- feel free to let me know!)

Anyway- as of now, my Carbon Cradle blog is now running on Tumblr at: and the old blog will just sit around feeling sorry for itself.