Friday, 4 February 2011

A little update...

Well its been a week since our house move, starting to settle a bit better- getting used to a new place always takes some time- at the least ive managed to get a desk and my system up and running again and have been able to get on with some work. Im working on a big job at the moment, cant show anything about that one yet (probably not for quite some time in fact) but what i can show you is my piece for the London Miles Gallery show 'Pens and Needles' which will be taking place at the gallery on 25th Feb- 7th Mar.

I mentioned it in a previous post, its a tattoo theme show with a nice touch that not only are the works themselves inspired by tattoo culture but also the gallery has also chosen tattoo artists to contribute their works on media other than skin. Im hoping that im going to be able to get up to the smoke for this show, fingers crossed i will have the time / money to do so!

Here is my piece entitled 'Hera'. She is approx 295x425mm (11x16") minus the frame and is the first piece ive used a hot press dry mounting process to bond it to a ply board then varnished. If youre interested in buying, please contact the gallery for pricing info.

Here is the show flyer: