Thursday, 23 September 2010

CA 180, The Sex Issue

Computer Arts magazine Issue 180 is now on the UK stands and as you may gathered from the title here- its the Sex Issue. To quote a little from the release copy:

'Whatever your opinion of it, sexual imagery within design is rife, and will almost certainly always be a part of the industry. So, this month we investigate, through a series of features, what is so alluring about erotically-charged design.'

Ive done a new image and walk-through on its process for the issue so heres a few photos of the spreads. I have to say that im really looking forward to giving this one a read- from the quick look ive given it so far it looks like a great issue with some top notch content from a great array of contributors. Check out the images below and then get out and grab yourself a copy while you can!

Mailout sketch

Mentioned this awhile back, im doing a mailout relatively soon- i decided to go with a nice postcard accordian fold. Taken me awhile to get around to actually working out what sort of thing i wanted to do. Finally finished a reasonable grayscale sketch, a few things are off a bit and the graphic elements are all missing, (i tend to work those details out as i go along) but its pretty much there i think. Will be cracking on with the high res version asap.

As you can see from the previews, its a large landscape piece that broken down into the panels reflects the 4 elements. When its folded you should also get Earth and Water to make a smaller landscape of their own. Looking forward to working out the details!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Telegraph Fashion Illustrations

Last weekend saw the release of the Daily Telegraphs Fashion supplement for Autumn / Winter and within its pages are my recently commissioned works. Im really pleased with how these came out thanks to some good direction from the AD at the telegraph. Its great to have a brief with a strong starting point but also be able to have a pretty free reign in its interpretation and execution. In case you missed it, heres some shots of the work in-situ.

Digital Arts

The nice guys at Digital Arts magazine asked me to do a little interview and supply a few images for a feature in the Autumn issue. The Brushes with Genius article centers on the art of digital painting and gives interviews, tips etc from some great artists: Sam Gilbey, The Red Dress, Rory Kurtz, Marta Dahlig, and Meisan Mui.

The issue is on the stands now, pick up a copy if you can and heres some of my shots from the mag:

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Print giveaway winners!

Its the 8th of Sept so the giveaway prize draw is done! Thanks for the great response and for those you you that helped spread the word a special thank you! In order to be as fair as possible each name on the list has their own number, im using the true number generator to pick out the three winners in reverse order... and the winners are:

No.42 / Mike Ramirez / Wins 'Preen'
No.100 / Kirsty Mordaunt / Wins 'Fledgling'
No.55 / Erin Tapken / Wins 'O-dokuro'

Congratulations to the winners, i will be sending you a confirmation email shortly and to request your delivery details. To everyone else- thanks again for entering, im sure i will end up doing something similar again so check back soon!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Prize draw closing

The print giveaway prize draw will be closing on the 8th Sepetember so this is the last chance to get your name in the hat if you havent already! See the Print Giveaway post for all the details and see what you could win or click through here to go straight to the signup page.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

The Mostlywanted Shop lives!!

Finally, after quite awhile of waiting, i can now say that the shop is back up and running including the work from Yokai Dreams (both the smaller sizes and the large special limited editions for the exhibition) together with a selection of illustration work as open editions!

If youre interested, please visit and if youre swayed, purchase something to brighten your walls!