Thursday, 23 September 2010

CA 180, The Sex Issue

Computer Arts magazine Issue 180 is now on the UK stands and as you may gathered from the title here- its the Sex Issue. To quote a little from the release copy:

'Whatever your opinion of it, sexual imagery within design is rife, and will almost certainly always be a part of the industry. So, this month we investigate, through a series of features, what is so alluring about erotically-charged design.'

Ive done a new image and walk-through on its process for the issue so heres a few photos of the spreads. I have to say that im really looking forward to giving this one a read- from the quick look ive given it so far it looks like a great issue with some top notch content from a great array of contributors. Check out the images below and then get out and grab yourself a copy while you can!

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Scott Altmann said...

Might be hard for me to grab a copy of that in the States, but sometimes in the city you can find UK mags. Work looks beautiful though - I'll try to pick it up. Congrats on the feature Tom!