Sunday, 6 July 2008

Quick update

there goes another month- where the hell does the time go?! The aug issue of computer arts has hit the stands with my little feature (screens below), a really good issue- and unfortunately the last issue which garrick webster will be dealing with as editor. There is a whole bunch of great inspiration in this issue so make sure you pop out and grab a copy- if only to read my full article!

I have also only just found out that one of my works has ended up in the 'big book of illustration ideas 2', something that i had submitted work to over a year ago and never heard anything back. Thats something that really bugs me- it would be nice if someone could at least let you know when theyre using your work. It's not unusual but it gets me every time. Almost as bad is when you do an editorial and it gets used but you have no idea when- so you just hope that they send you a gratis copy. I know that most of my fellow creatives like to keep a copy when they get published and im no exception... anyway...

Been busy working inhouse for awhile so havent gotten around to doing anything new for a couple of weeks and now im starting to tweak a bit. Got some good stuff in mind so just waiting for a bit of free time to get it down and developed. CIA are soon going to be opening a new shop where ltd edition prints can be bought, im hoping that i can get a new piece done before the first deadline but the way things are at the moment its unlikely so my 'new beginnings' piece may get a tweak and sent out. I will let you know what happens.

On a similar note, it is sad to say that Blueflip art will be closing at the end of the month! If you would like any of the prints that are for sale there get over to the site soon before its gone, lots of great work that will probably soon disappear until the artists find another seller.

Heres a few pics of the latest printed matter. Be back soon.