Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Final run..

this is the final week of the Yokai Dreams show at the knifesmith gallery in bristol, show end is 29th May. If youre able to get into bristol, maybe youre coming along for the 'Art from the new world' Exhibition at the bistol museum- make sure you pop down the road to the Knifesmith and check out the show before it closes.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Mostlywanted update

Mostlywanted has just had a little facelift so that it now includes the Yokai Dreams works. A lot of older work has been archived off to keep it as minimal as possible, ive got a couple of little tweaks to try and sort out over the next few days, i will also be adding an FAQs page that will reside here on the blog and be linked from the information page on mostlywanted.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Yokai Dreams

Well the show is now up and running, the Knifesmiths doors are open to everyone so if youre in bristol at any point during may please pop in and have a look at the show. As i mentioned in a previous post, the Knifesmith gallery is a few streets away from the Bristol Museum so if youre coming to Bristol to see the amazing 'Art from the new world' Show by the Corey Helford gallery you may want to wander over and have a look at the Yokai Dreams exhibition.

The private view went really well, a really good turn out and i would just like to say thanks to all of you who made it, i dont think ive spent so long talking about my work, if i wasnt able to speak to you i can only apologize and thank you for spending the time to look at the exhibition! To those of you who i did manage to have a chat with- it was great to talk to you and thanks for listening to my rambling!

I was able to take a few (bad) pictures of the gallery before the opening to give you a view of the hanging works and below is the cover image for the fold out flyer i was giving away which went to give a little of the back story to each of the pieces- hopefully if i wasnt able to explain the work, this would have given you enough to understand a little of the individual Yokai in the show.

I have added all the work from the show to my Behance portfolio projects and will be adding everything to mostlywanted.com early in the week.

Friday, 7 May 2010


Its finally here, private view for my Yokai Dreams show starts at 6.30pm through to 9pm at the Knifesmith gallery in Bristol (UK), if youre in the vicinity feel free to come along and buy something. I will be taking some pics and if any are of any use i will post them up as soon as my hangover clears. I will also be publishing the work on my behance portfolio and updating mostlywanted with the work so will drop the links back here too. Fingers crossed all goes well.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Yokai Dreams, Tengu

As the show is just in a few days time i can show you another full image from the exhibition. I posted a preview for this one awhile back, it was the first to be finished, although i did go back and do some final tweaks to it a few weeks ago just because i had looked at it long enough to see some areas that needed a little improving!

Each of the works for this show are based around japanese yokai stories, this one is the Tengu spirit. Theres a lot of folklore based around this deity and its image is usually depicted as male, wings and a human face but with an elongated nose. At least thats the image that is more prevalent in popular culture reference, previously in its origins the Tengu took the form of a bird of prey, sometimes a crow and are depicted with avian and human characteristics. In its early history it was a pretty malevolent demon and a harbinger of war but over time has become a more protective spirit of the forests. They are shapeshifters and one of the more powerful yokai. I have drawn this Tengu as a female and changing to human form as she removes a traditional crow mask, quite a bit of symbolism going on throughout but as with all my work i would rather the viewer interpret each piece in their own way so im only giving the basics away!

Once the show is in full swing i will update the blog and my portfolio site with the full body of work. Until then, heres the full Tengu piece.