Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Yokai Dreams, Tengu

As the show is just in a few days time i can show you another full image from the exhibition. I posted a preview for this one awhile back, it was the first to be finished, although i did go back and do some final tweaks to it a few weeks ago just because i had looked at it long enough to see some areas that needed a little improving!

Each of the works for this show are based around japanese yokai stories, this one is the Tengu spirit. Theres a lot of folklore based around this deity and its image is usually depicted as male, wings and a human face but with an elongated nose. At least thats the image that is more prevalent in popular culture reference, previously in its origins the Tengu took the form of a bird of prey, sometimes a crow and are depicted with avian and human characteristics. In its early history it was a pretty malevolent demon and a harbinger of war but over time has become a more protective spirit of the forests. They are shapeshifters and one of the more powerful yokai. I have drawn this Tengu as a female and changing to human form as she removes a traditional crow mask, quite a bit of symbolism going on throughout but as with all my work i would rather the viewer interpret each piece in their own way so im only giving the basics away!

Once the show is in full swing i will update the blog and my portfolio site with the full body of work. Until then, heres the full Tengu piece.

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alex*at*aufdemaur said...

The dress is gorgeous- I love how the color changes subtley. I also love all the creatures surrounding her (little ghosties and kawaii things!) Can't wait to see the rest of your new work!