Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Moving home...

So after quite a few years, ive decided to move my blogging over to Tumblr. Its been fun, but as i created the template for this blog a seriously long time ago now- the latest updates are causing me no end of problems when im creating my posts (particularly image posts- im having to stay in html view and strip out extra code thats not needed for my original template).

Anyway, if youve got a tumblr account or want to follow along as i slowly start adding content and updates etc (probably as sporadically as i tend to do on Blogger) heres the new url: (yeah- its that simple) Im still maintaining my inspiration tumblr so make sure you check out the amazing work im collecting on

Hope to see you on the other side...


Thursday, 16 August 2012

Hallowed Age print release...

The Kingdom Animalia show was a huge success and resulted in an amazing $25,000 being raised for the Big Life Foundation which will help to pay for (among other things) a years salary and training for a squad of 8 anti-poaching scouts, together with equipment for patrold like radios, uniforms, binoculars, GPS and cameras!

Im more than happy to say that my Hallowed Age piece sold, ive had a lot of interest in this piece and decided that it would be good to do a small run of limited edition prints and again, try and give something to the Big Life Foundation. So here we go, the print is 16x19" including a border for framing, comes numbered, titled and signed. It also has a mini Certificate of Authenticity which is also numbered, signed and embossed. The run is limited to only 25 and will be £60 plus shipping. 50% of the profit from each sale goes to Big Life so with any luck- if the run sells through- i will be able to hand over £500 to the foundation!

It will be going on preorder from my store on 22nd August so keep your eyes on and please, reblog, give this a shout on twitter, Instagram, tumblr, facebook or whatever social network you frequent!