Monday, 27 October 2008

CIA Shoppe

Just as an aside to the previous post, my lovely agents- Central Illustration Agency, have also just launched a brand new shop section to their site.

Here you can find limited edition prints from some of the top illustrators around (and me). The site allows a thumbnail view of the works available at present and a dropdown can also give you the list of artists for ease of navigation when you know who youre interested in.

Make sure you drop by and pick yourself up something nice!
Visit the CIA Shop.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

MW shoppe

With any luck, a new shop section will be added to the mostlywanted main site where i will be able to have a dedicated arena for selling prints of my work. The details are still being sorted but smaller ultrachrome prints together with high quality limited edition large giclee prints will be available. Stay tuned to the blog or mostlywanted for more info.

Im in the middle of a few new bits and bobs, which will end up getting an airing on the blog as soon as possible, i have also just finished a new piece for CIA, a page for the 2009 calendar- unfortunately i cant release any images at present- as soon as it starts going out to the clients i will make sure i add it here too!

Computer Arts 155

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you- more than one post in a day! (another will follow this as well!) Just a quick shout out to say thanks to the guys at Future and the CA team for inclusion in the top illustrators feature and to say go grab a copy when it hits the stands. (should be any day now- although if you subscribe you should have yours by now.) My work graces the cover and a dps inside along with some of the other chaps in the feature. Let me know what you guys think.

Sweet Mercy!

yup- sweet mercy- finally an update and also the title for this new piece! I finally got around to finishing the sketch i had posted about previously and actually had the fore-thought to take a series of screen grabs along the way- so apologies for the visual length of this post (i have tried to trim it down a bit) but here is a look at this painting from start to finish. First up is the final work:

and for those of you who are interested, here are the progress shots. Again, all of these are scaled down a bit from low res screen grabs but hopefully you can see enough of the details. First up is the initial drawing, tone and base colors. The original pencil sketch was photographed and brought into artrage for reworking and refinement. Once that was done it was over to photoshop for some tonal work blocked in and then basic colors that would go to make up the base of the image.

What follows is grabs of my painting process- from here on in i painted this in painter ix.5 with oil brushes on a basic linen canvas texture.

So there you have it, a few color adjustments in photoshop and its all done. Sorry for the lack of commentary on each image but im sure you can work out whats going on where. Lastly- heres a few larger pics to show some more of the details.