Monday, 4 October 2010

Mailout progress..

Well that just sucks, i spent way too long doing these cards, finished them up only to discover that i really didnt like the result! My main problem was that the 'air' card was seriously weak in comparison to the others and was just killing everything else. Ive sat here staring at them for so long that ive grown to loathe them- all because of that weak spot.. what a pain in the ass. Anyway, heres the 'Earth / Water' cards together.. back to the drawing board, hopefully i can pull something a bit stronger out of the bag!


Rafael Sarmento said...

Hey man!
I just think you're being too hard on yourself... The fact is, that these promo material are supposed to be good, but only to serve as a teaser for you REAL work, that is ├╝ber awesome, so, don't worry! I think that these cards represents you well, but when clients/etc get to see your actual work, they'll be more amazed.
All the best,

Bec Winnel said...

I totally know how you feel! Spent 15 hours working on a drawing over the weekend and it's only worthy of the bin. Being the optimist, hopefully something was learnt in the process! Still think they turned out awesome! X

Tom Bagshaw said...

Thanks for the comments guys, really appreciated ;)

wing said...

your work, they all awesome!