Monday, 3 October 2011

Inspiration blogging...

A while ago i created a blooger called Carbon Cradle which i wanted to use as a place where i could share images that i found to be interesting, inspirational etc and i was able to keep it going for a reasonable time. Unfortunately as many will know, blogger probably isnt the best platform to share images like this, uploading, tagging, linking each picture can be a little tedious, especially when my custom css blogger template never seemed to want to conform to the right size- so every image needed alterations to the html so it would display properly!

So i have been looking to move this stuff over to Tumblr which is pretty much built with this type of blogging in mind. The problem i had was that Tumblrs coding was completely new to me and trying to find a custom theme i liked was a bit tricky. Ive found one which is ok- for now, its a bit buggy on the infinite scroll so im likely to change it when i find something that works a little better. (if you know of any themes that may suit- feel free to let me know!)

Anyway- as of now, my Carbon Cradle blog is now running on Tumblr at: and the old blog will just sit around feeling sorry for itself.

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