Monday, 17 September 2007

New piece- finally

After spending days messing about trying to develop the charcoal drawing below into a full painting and it going totally wrong- i decided to do something else and this is what emerged. For me this was pretty quick, probably about 2 days or so- but loong days and there were many points at which i nearly threw the towel in on this as well. As you can see from the sketches the hair changed quite a bit, the final hair was version 3, i had a pretty much fully painted version prior to this that got scrapped... (that's also a point when i nearly packed it in).

After the initial sketches and the rough colour key here's some layering shots showing the build up from the clipped skin imported from painter on a solid background, through the clothing base and highlight layers to the 'almost there' stage with the hair, background shadows and lighting tweaks. After that theres a combo shot of the hair being developed, basic mass defined then shape and detail development.

The final work with some detail shots at 100% following.

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