Sunday, 27 January 2008

Another month disappears..

Just a quick post to say that im sorry for the lack of updates once again, january has been a bit of a mixed bag really, i managed to get a couple of new pieces done and some prelim sketches sorted for some others then things kinda went a bit weird and now im rushed off my feet. The new postcards are back from the printers, so ive been finishing the cards off, labeling etc, unfortunately im going to be bogged down with a job for a few weeks so they will be going out after ive finished that. The illustration for the cards will get posted up here with a reasonable process explanation so look out for that mid feb! When the cards go off to the relevant people im hoping i will have a few left over which i may well put up for grabs! Anyways, thats all for now, catch you again in a few weeks.

btw i have a few pics on blueflip art now with a slice of the sale going to help the NSPCC. Help them out by purchasing a print: BlueFlip Art

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