Friday, 17 April 2009

Under the skin

I was recently approached to do a cover to a re-issue of Michel Fabers book Under the Skin. The book is about a woman who drives across the highlands of Scotland picking up hitchhikers. It turns out that she is an alien who has had plastic surgery to make her look human. The hitchers she picks up are drugged and then cut up for meat to export back to their planet. (its actually a good read) This would be its 3rd reprint and the publishers were keen to stay away from a sci fi look, i was given a good idea of what to produce and this was the result, which i thought was a pretty nice solution. Unfortunately the job was killed and the illustration wont be making the grade, but i thought i would post it here with a quick mockup.


My Charlie Girl said...

that is a gorgeous cover. it would make me buy the bok!

Tom Bagshaw said...

Thanks Bec, I thought it would look pretty good on the shelf.. o well..