Friday, 1 May 2009

Portrait drawing test

Recently i decided it would be a good idea to put pencil to paper- just so i remember what the hell it feels like. Unfortunately, working digitally its all too easy to forget how to draw / paint, not having 'undo' and the myriad of tools available in applications like painter and photoshop can actually be a daunting prospect. So here is the result- i took a few process shots on my phone so forgive how bad they look- the final drawing was scanned in, hence the better quality. Quite happy how it turned out and can now get back to my wacom with a slight sense of relief that i hadnt forgotten everything.


Simon Plenderleith said...

Nice work man :)

Anonymous said...

me too.

Nice Work,
Nice skill,

My Charlie Girl said...

holy shit cakes hehe, you have some serious skill with lighting/shading, composition and shape !!!!

Jamie Schumacher said...

Do you use model references for your images? What about clothes that you paint, are they from references aswell?

Tom Bagshaw said...

Thanks for the comments everyone, JS- yes i do use reference for my work, i generally tend to create a mood board or collection of images from scans / web ref, from there a sketch can be refined to have more depth and realism for the final painting process. (artrage is perfect for the initial stages as you can 'pin' ref images around the work area)

The same goes for clothing, but as im not always going for realism with elements other than the figure- there is a bit more room to play with pattern or texture.