Friday, 11 June 2010

Queen Adelaide Wine

Heres a recent illustration commissioned for a pitch to rebrand the Queen Adelaide wine in Australia. Its really a contemporary portrait to reinvigorate the publics perception of the brand. Obviously this was just the portrait, im guessing that the label design would incorporate the image within a frame of some sort, ive no idea how it eventually got presented to the client.


Emjie said...

I haven't tasted that wine in so many years. But it is a prominent wine over here. I hope this artwork makes it into print. I will definitely buy a bottle to have a copy of your art. ;)

Tom Bagshaw said...

lol thanks Emjie, i certainly hope it makes it into print too, hopefully a gratis crate of wine would be forthcoming ;)

alex*at*aufdemaur said...

That's really cool. I'm excited to see how they use your work.