Monday, 25 June 2012


For a while now ive been neglecting my main portfolio website and shop, mainly because ive been concentrating on getting new work done! But over the last week ive been rebuilding the shop and adding some new content. Previously, there has been no real way for me to advertise gallery works that are still available or put up other one off works or special edition pieces.

To solve this ive taken the existing shop and given it a little tweaking. Theres a new Originals section which will have previews and links of pieces that are available from galleries / shows (and when i get a chance- maybe some traditional pieces may appear- you never know!) and also special editions (like the previously released Chrysalis piece) where there is a very small number available- unless stated, the works in this section are all framed.

There will also be the Limited Edition and Open Edition sections as before. Im adding a bunch of new pieces to the Limited Edition section with the option to preorder some pieces yet to be released. The Open Edition section will remain pretty much exclusive to my more graphic illustration works. Ive tried to make the information page a little more comprehensive and covered most frequently asked questions.

Ive also added new works to the main Mostlywanted portfolio site and re-organized the categories a little. The Info page now has links to my new Facebook fan page, Twitter, Carbon Cradle and as you cant actually link your Instagram account- Instagrid. Anyway, the new shop (and updates to the main site) will be up and running on the 1st of July 2012.

Heres a look at the new version, you may notice that the preview images are framed with a border- this is the same on both the Limited and Open edition sections and the Originals section has the items 'Framed' with a wood moulding. (the wood 'frame' may not be the actual moulding used but if youre interested in buying and want to know the exact frame used- just drop me a mail.)

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