Wednesday, 13 August 2008


still up to my ears in work, some good- some not so good, but heres a sneaky peek at something thats in the pipeline. This is still the pencils stage and things are likely to change a bit but its slowly getting there and as soon as i have a chance i will get it finished and posted here with some more details on the process.

Graphite and paper with final pencils in Artrage, start of some highlights in PS. Only a couple of sections of the full piece but should give you an idea of whats coming.


fubiz said...


electro said...

Hey Tom,
Love your work and style, keep up the great work!

German said...

Hey Tom,

can't wait to see the finished product. it's looking good!

Marisa said...

Just skimmed through your portfolio.
Truly beautiful and surreal!


D.Killer said...

Escelent works. Congratulations.
From barcelona