Monday, 2 March 2009

Another new pic

Heres another new image from the soon to be updated book 3 on the mostlywanted main site as mentioned in the previous post. This one is being used in a full tutorial in the 2nd edition of 'fashion illustration' by Lawrence King Publishers, written by Bethan Morris (thanks beth!). I have added a couple of close up shots but youll need to pick up a copy of the book when it hits the stores to be able to see the full tutorial.

As you may have noticed theres a very definite graphic feel to these new illustrations, i have tried to off set the harshness by using quite a bit of texture and wash, it seems to have been more successful in some images than others but at least i now have a few with which to build the folio on.

Im also in the process of sketching up a new painting that will end up in book 2- the more fine arty stuff- if you want to name the style! That should hopefully get posted up here soon. Thats all for now.


jonathan said...

Loving these new pieces Tom - the hard edge graphic quality and richness of the skin tones and textures works brilliantly.

The pattern on the dress looks too.

Look forward to picking up a copy of the book when it's out to have a look at your tutorial.

Thanks for the inspiration.

Owen said...

Man, I love this new piece! The off-white space just sets off the figure design and the just pushes the always beautiful painting on the face. Plus seeing through to the linework on the arm and pants adds a really cool x-ray interactivity to it. Great stuff.