Friday, 6 February 2009

New work et all

I know- im terrible at keeping this thing updated frequently and for that i apologize. I am however, finally pulling my finger out and outputting some new work a couple of examples of which are below. These and a bunch that are in a similar vein will be going to replace the existing work that can be found in book three of the mostlywanted portfolio so im steadily beavering away at creating enough that i can do a decent overhaul.

In other news- ive finally got my lovely embossing press made and am starting to deal with prints myself, i can at last start selling fine art prints that will be signed and embossed. The shop itself is designed and i will be getting the construction underway as soon as possible, if you are after a print before the shop goes up- drop me a mail and i will see what i can sort out for you.

Hopefully i will get another post done soon, in the meantime- heres a sneak peak at the new work!

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German said...

love the skull very day of the dead-esque!! the roses are a nice touch too.