Saturday, 5 September 2009

Fine Grime

I now have 2 prints available as limited editions through the great Fine Grime, Sweet Mercy and Reliquary.

Im currently up to my ears with a job for the BBC via the nice guys at Preloaded, cant show anything about it at the moment- hopefully i will post some shots of the illustrations when the site is finished, really looking forward to how it turns out although i have to say after this job is finished i may never want to paint a forest piece ever again.

I have a bunch of new work in the pipeline that i cant wait to get started on, it will have to wait a little while (after i finish this current job) as ive had the joy of developing RSI in my hand, consequently using a mouse and tablet have both become pretty painful, so a bit of R&R is long overdue!

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Heidi A. said...

Oh, I'm so curious of your secret illustrations:) Keep me posted.