Wednesday, 16 September 2009

BBC Myths from Preloaded

Ive just finished up doing the story illustrations for the forthcoming BBC Myths site which is currently under development by Preloaded. It will be a flash site where Arthurian based stories will be available, 4 to start off with but hopefully more will be added down the line. I was fortunate to be picked to illustrate one of the stories. There are 10 chapters so 10 screen illustrations and a mini game that will be included per story.

Each illustration was created on various layers so that the guys at Preloaded could take the files and, using some Flash Parallax Scrolling, give a sense of depth to the scene. Little animated touches will be added and the stories themselves will be narrated as well as having controls for page turns and type overlays, so each illustration also needed to include some dead space for when any type gets overlaid.

Below is a reduced size preview of chapter 6. At full screen each illustration covers a 1920px resolution. Im really looking forward to seeing what the guys come up with, i will post up a link when everything goes live. (This is also copyright to the BBC btw)

Im off for a little break but will be back soon, hopefully refreshed and ready to get some new work done.


Heidi A. said...

Tom, that's really magnificent. Beautiful work!

alex~at~aufdemaur said...

very cool! let us know when they've got it up and running! i'd love to see what they do with your work!