Monday, 5 October 2009

Carbon Cradle

Ive just started a new blog, somewhere i can post up images and links to stuff i find interesting without getting caught up in writing too much. Pretty much all areas of design, illustration, fine art, craft- basically anything i like looking at- i can now pass on. Ive just finished tweaking the blogger template, hopefully it will grow from here.

Visit Carbon Cradle here.


alex~at~aufdemaur said...

thanks for the link tom!
will you still be using the "tom bagshaw blog" to give us updates on your work, or will you be putting your work on the new blog also?

Tom Bagshaw said...

No problem alex ;) I will be using this blog to post about things more directly relevant to me, new work, walk-throughs, stuff that requires some reading.

Carbon Cradle is going to be specifically a place where i can upload images that ive seen and want to share- somewhere i can let other artists and designers work speak for itself.

Where possible i can give the piece a credit and link, hopefully encouraging others to check out more of the artists work.