Monday, 19 October 2009

Sony eBook

Awhile back i got to work on a job for the new Sony reader eBook. You may have seen these things around, a digital 'book' that allows you to download and store the written word, much like an mp3 player.

The campaign takes 4 different takes on the eBook reader, i was lucky enough to get the fantasy version, while the brief was quite specific and i had to fit the illustration to the photograph i did have a good amount of freedom to add characters that i knew would work. Ive just noticed the campaign is now going live, or at least the products webpage is now showing the new line and the campaign, not sure about the print ads yet.

Heres the link to the eBooks product page, my work is in the main intro flash at the end. View the Sony reader eBook site.

The illustration not only needed to work with the photo-shoot but was required to be supplied with each character on separate layers, this was so that as well as being a print ad, it could be animated in flash, on the site you can see the results of the animation. Heres the final artwork on the working photograph (i think that in the final version the photograph was retouched a bit) and below are some detail shots.


alex*at*aufdemaur said...

I always love the little details in your work. In this one, I especially like the tree detailing here. and (sorry to ask) are they little birds or bats? I like them too ^__^...

Tom Bagshaw said...

Thanks alex, they are bats, looks like a few of them and a couple of the characters didnt make the final cut which was a bit of a shame.