Tuesday, 20 October 2009

BBC Myths work live

The guys at Preloaded have done a nice job and my work for the BBC's Myths stories is now live. Check out the BBC Myths main site where you can view all the stories that are currently available and their associated mini games.

Make sure you hit the full screen option so you can see as much of the illustrations as possible, youll get the full image if your monitor is running at 1920px. The control panel allows you to move around in the story and turn the text or narration on and off. As well as the parallax scrolling, some lighting and other flash effects have been added. Check out the Guinevere's Wedding story direct and heres a look at some other reduced size pages.


Owen said...

Nice work Tom, these came out great. (I also enjoyed the medieval laser-show they added in during the wedding.)

Tom Bagshaw said...

Cheers, yeah- good job merlin got the invite or it wouldve been a bust.