Friday, 29 January 2010

Another preview

Just finished the 4th in my new body of work, this one actually went down without any complications- at least nothing that meant me spending days re-working a section (unlike the last piece). I would love to show everyone all of whats being produced but im trying to keep this whole body of work relatively unseen until the show, bear with me, hopefully the end result will be worth the wait. Until then i will post up small cropped sections like this- just so you know im not being idle!

With my head in work so frequently i havent been doing much online surfing recently and only just noticed that the Apple ipad has finally dropped on the official site. Like many- i had heard something new was being produced by Jobs and co and was interested to see what was to come- and yes- its great, a big-ass ipod touch. If you havent seen it yet- check the link and check it out, another beautiful piece of design and tech merged.

-- Begin Rant.

I dont mention it that often as it tends to get me quite a lot of flack, especially from the design community- but i work on a PC. Dirty, i know- but at the end of the day i need a computer to do its job, my setup is a custom build that after 4 years is still pretty bloody fast, still has ample storage etc... it cost half of an equivalent Apple system. Ive worked on both platforms- a lot, both have problems with their OS in terms of crashes, hanging- apple just looks great doing it. My desk has a million wires behind it from the tablet, keyboard, monitors, printers, power, external HD's, but it does work. Im not extolling the virtues of being on a PC, far from it, if i could afford the same spec kit i would happily trade it all in without even thinking about it- and for one reason: it looks better. From build to OS, apple have it nailed in terms of product design.

But i cant afford to swap out all the kit i own, i dont have thousands of pounds lying around- so i must live out my professional life, shunned and ridiculed when i am asked the question that only a mac user will ask 'are you on mac?'. Rant over- i will likely have to trade in my v2 ipod (that is still going strong- it just doesnt mount on usb too well anymore and the backlight and contrast are nearly gone) and get an ipod touch and now im kicking myself for buying a little netbook purely for online surfing, mail etc in the eve because now a comparatively well priced but purely more awesome gadget is due to be released in the form of the ipad. Bugger.

-- Stop.

Anyway, sorry about that, wont happen again- heres the preview. Enjoy.


CGriffin said...

I can't wait to see the whole set finished. Are you working digitally? I'm fascinated to see how the fine arts world integrates the digital medium into their stable. It's not been an easy row to hoe for digital artists...

Heidi Alamanda said...

I can't wait to see it finished. This one looks really cute and has personality (for me).
Oh, and to answer your question on fb. Yes things are well with me:)

Neil said...

Well Mac users can be a funny bunch ;) - they are just more vocal than most so it's easy to see a distorted picture. Those who actively scoff at PC users don't understand that some PC vendors produce crappy PCs while others produce solid machines. In fact,in terms of reliability, ASUS & Toshiba (and even Sony - eugh) come out way ahead of Apple -,9102.html

BTW I'm actually writing this on a macbook pro. I don't dislike Apple I just disagree with all the hype. This MBP is 4 times the price of my PC, but it's certainly not 4 times as good. Actually I've defaulted to booting straight in to Windows 7 these days, because it's very stable, it offers me a broader range of software choices, and I find stuff runs better/faster in Win7 than in MacOS ... without the Apple lock-in too.

All-in-all, I think I'd actively encourage most people to buy or stick with a quality laptop running Win7 over a MBP. I just wish PC manufacturers would start producing more aesthetically pleasing machines! That's where Apple have in nailed.

Arabella said...

I work on a PC too, I get a lot of crap for it except from my brother who works for Microsoft of course! I had a Macbook Pro, and I literally threw it up against a wall, it frustrated me so much (along w/ Apple sending me the wrong memory chip and refusing to refund me). Luckily I got it for free so it didn't matter that I smashed it to pieces.