Thursday, 25 February 2010

Down computer

A couple of days ago my workstation decided that it needed a rest and refused to switch on or show any sign of life. After I had managed to stop freaking out I went through all the usual checks and came to the conclusion that it was probably at best the power supply unit or worst case- the motherboard. As I had no way of actually checking either of these problems or working out if it was anything else I have had to take it to a tech shop to have it 'looked at'.

After a few hours of nervous waiting I got the call to say that it was indeed the power supply, thank god, bit I'm mow having to wait for a replacement 550w with the extra cable to help power the graphics card. Not too bad- could have been a lot worse, but the upshot is that I have had to take a bit of an enforced break which is driving me nuts and I haven't been able to get my print sales out. If you're one of those who have yet to hear back after making a purchase- please bear with me, I will send you a confirmation mail asap.

Hopefully I will get all this sorted and be able to post a few new pieces at some point after the week end.

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