Monday, 1 March 2010

Fashion Illustrator 2 book

Finally got my copy of Fashion Illustrator- Second edition (ISBN-10: 1856696545). It seems like ive been waiting for this to come out for ages now, publishing times being what they usually are. Its a nice book- with a pretty good spectrum of artists interviewed, showcases and tutorials and is aimed at the fashion illustration student. Its similar to the first edition but definitely has more to offer.

I have a few pieces throughout the book including an interview spread and a pretty in depth photoshop tutorial on how i created the Duck and cover piece (blogged earlier) which now i re-read it, is probably utterly confusing to just about everyone. When youre working on something, some ways you do it come second nature youve done them so many times but at the end of the day theyre a variety of simpler and quicker routes to accomplish the same result. So apologies if you buy the book, read the tutorial and then say 'wtf?!'.

Heres the photos of the book spreads. Go buy it and let me know what you think!


WendyUSA said...

I am going to buy it for sure. Thanks for sharing the books with us.

Naty Sumy Sumy said...

Ow god, i want this!!

Your work is AMAZING!!! Love it!