Monday, 21 March 2011

Design Week...

Just picked up this weeks Design Week magazine, theres an interesting article on the 'hopefully' better 2011- with consultancies getting work in and starting to hire again, together with some figures for salary comparison between 2009-2010 (drawn from a recruitment agency questionnaire). Theres also a great piece by Garrick Webster that looks at illustration and the realm of technology. I got to throw in my 2 cents worth in 'talking tech'. Its funny that while everyone gives a valid comment about the subject- im the only one who mentions the costs involved in using tech to create! I often think its an overlooked area when people are talking about digital art, but maybe its just something that people are willing to accept mainly because traditional art materials are so expensive... at least with digital software your paint doesnt run out i suppose!

Anyway, if you get a chance to have a flick through it on the news stand or buy it, check out the article.

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