Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Vices show for London Miles...

In between bits and pieces i have been able to fit in this piece for a forthcoming show at London Miles Gallery. The show was originally slated for the end of March but has been put back a bit to May. As soon as the show details become available i will get them up here. In the meantime- heres my piece, the show is about modern vices and artists have been given a particular vice or guilty pleasure to run with. Mine was gambling and i really wanted to do something along the theme of the traditional tattoo pin-up of 'Mans Ruin' and this is what that evolved into.

Titled 'Mans Ruin', the final work is mounted on board and varnished, approx 44x60cm / 24x17" (minus frame) and will be on sale via London Miles Gallery. Below is the full image and a few details.

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elevens said...

Fantastic works on your blog