Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year!...

Another year seems to have flown past, this one certainly had its ups and downs though! As some of you may know, im now back in Bath, its been a couple of weeks since moving in and already it feels more like home than living for nearly 11 months in the other place- we really wont be missing it in the slightest! Lots of new stuff planned for the year ahead, a few shows lined up already- the first couple of months in particular are going to be a bit hectic but im really looking forward to it!

Just in case you missed it on the 3Cs Blog, my 100 portraits project is completed and as of the 1st January, the portraits will be available to order. Check out the blog for all the details.

I just wanted to say Happy New year to everyone, thanks for following! See you in 2012!

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