Friday, 9 December 2011

Just a quick update...

sorry about the lack of updates here, everythings been a bit hectic over the last couple of weeks- we are finally moving again next week- back into Bath after having to move further out between Bath and Bristol, it quickly became apparent it wasnt somewhere we wanted to be and its taken most of this year trying to find anything suitable back in Bath!

Anyway, hopefully after christmas things should settle down a bit and i can get on with some new work, a few shows lined up next year so lots to do! In other news, the 3Cs project is nearly done, after the weekend i will be posting up the final 20 portraits and then the whole collection of 100! The initial concept of trying to do 100 portraits in 100 hours over 100 days soon became a bit redundant- after the first couple i realised that 1 hour just wasnt enough to produce a good enough portrait (at least to my eyes) so i resigned myself to allowing a bit more time if needed- the majority ended up being 1.5hrs while a couple i got a bit carried away with and did a couple of hours- hopefully it shows though as they had good little details that i really wanted to capture! Look out for the completed works some time on the 12th Dec on the project blog.

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