Saturday, 31 July 2010

Telegraph Fashion II

The very nice chaps at the Daily Telegraph kindly asked me to do some more work for the fashion supplement, which- after the success of the first one- i was more than happy to do! Each piece relates to a letter and its article in the magazine. 'A' was for Amelia (pertaining to Amelia Earhart) and focused on a Burberry flight jacket. The others were Knit, Red and Wild. Again, im not sure on the release date for the magazine so hopefully im not jumping the gun too much in sharing the work! Heres some detail shots from the four pieces, the full images can be found on mostlywanted or my Behance folio.

Also, a quick mention that ive given mostlywanted a little update by re-introducing some of my older works, this is primarily for commissioning purposes and will allow me to add and remove works as i go on.

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