Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Yokai competition closed

Thanks for the overwhelming response everyone, its really cool that so many would like one of these little flyers! I am going to be picking out the 20 winners (thats all the flyers i have left out of 250 for the show!) via the extremely useful random.org which is probably the fairest way to 'randomly' select the winning names.

Unfortunatley i wont be able to let you know whether youve won or not, so to all who have entered i will say a big 'thank you', even more so to those who not only entered, but also wrote little notes- its very much appreciated!

The winners will have their flyer posted out to them tomorrow (weds 28th July), hopefully the post services around the world will be good and get them to you quickly. (not holding out too much hope on that one) There have been a lot, probably about 2/3 of entries from the USA with the rest scattered around the UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Russia and a couple from the far east. Quite interesting to see where some of you guys are!

Anyway, thanks again, i think with the success of this i may end up doing another little contest soon!

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Arabella said...

Thanks Tom, got mine today!