Friday, 19 August 2011

Instagram pics...

As you may be aware, i use an iphone app called Instagram to take a lot of quick photos. At the moment (as far as im aware) there is no native website that allows people who dont have the app to view someones pictures. Of course you can see them if it gets posted through to Facebook, Twitter etc but not have a way to view everything that someone has taken. Fortuntely theres a site called Instagrid that allows you to view publish all you images under your profile and allow non Instagram users to see what youve been posting. Heres the link to my profile if you ever fancy a look:


LARS said...

I enjoyed your photos, thanks for sharing. I was surprised to to see you use a PC.

waggit said...

There is a website called inkstagram that lets you see your Instagram pictures online, you can also share it with others. Here is mine

this is the domain:

There are more sites like it:

great work by the way!