Monday, 1 August 2011

Something a bit different...

For a couple of weeks since i finished my work for Corey Helford ive been doing a couple of warm-up sketches per day, nothing fancy, just a nice landscape image sketched in photoshop with a single custom brush i made (again, nothing special- a dual brush, default round combined with a dry brush set on multiply).

I just wanted to do something i dont ever usually deal with for very long, i generally do figurative work so these were a nice way to 'warm up' before starting work properly, im really enjoying it so far. Im going to see how long i can keep producing these sketches and every now and again upload a little collection of them here (if you follow me on Instagram / twitter etc you may have already seen small versions of them). I will put them all under a new 'Landscapes' category and see how they come along. Heres the last couple of weeks worth..

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